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Adding Comments, Analytics etc to Ghost

Now that I had Ghost is running, it wass time to tune it and make it a complete blog: i need to add Analytics, Comments, Site Map and social linking.

Google Analytics

OK, i initially decided to go straight for the new Google Tag Manager and while setting up its Containers realised i'll only be running 1 tag so why bother and switched to including the Analytics .js only. I found these steps quite usefull.


I decided to use Google+ to enable comments on my blog: it was free, easy and it links to my Google+ account and posts (always good for SEO).
Adding the following code to content/themes/casper/post.hbs did the trick.

You will notice it keeps a huge vertical block so place it at the bottom of a page. The API from Google+ does not give a hint on how to shrink it.

Social linking

The default Casper I am using has 3 social buttons at the bottom right, i moved them to the top, for the default choice of Google+, Twitter and Facebook were enough for me.